Fong Brothers Printing Large Format Swatch

Fong Brothers Printing – Creative Visuals Swatchbook

Project Overview

  • Create a swatch book of all compatible materials for our new large format department. 

Lessons Learned

  • You’re never going to get the same results with the different printing processes and materials.
  • Plan ahead.  The production floor is a tight ship.  Work around the schedule.
  • Prototype!  Each 1/32″ counts!


Fong Brothers Printing Inc. is a family own business that has been around for over 40 years.  As new technology developed and the industry constantly evolving, they needed to update their collateral and refresh their logo.  They hired me on as a graphic designer and I worked closely with the marketing team.

An area of the company we worked with was the Large Format Printing.  They invested in new equipment and needed to get this team up and running.  With fresh equipment and technology, that meant new solutions for customers.  Printing directly on gator board, corrugated plastic, di-bond, etc. was both a time and money saver.  Our team went full force on getting all the materials needed for this swatch project.   

Swatch Details

Pain Points

  • Account Managers had to use old out-dated prints as examples to show their customers.
  • There was no written document or any materials to educate the account managers/customers.
  • Customers did not know all the new print materials, the new printing technology and capabilities.

One of the top priorities was that we had to show print quality on different substrates and be as informative as we could.  We choses a variety of bright bold colors, dense blacks and gradients to show the various printing methods on various substrates.  Some materials that were offered could be used for long term out door signage.  We made it easier for customers to know whether the material is intended for indoor, outdoor or for both by communicating with a tab on the top of the swatch.  We also listed examples of usage for each material.  After presenting this to the account managers, they were excited to share this with their clients.

Example of various materials.

Clear product specs for customers (long or short term, indoor or outdoor).


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